Ethiopia Nano Genji

Nano Genji is a newly established washing station in Western Ethiopia’s celebrated Agaro region. Its sibling mill down the road, Nano Challa, was one of the first micro mills created by USAID’s Technoserve project back in 2009, whose mission was to help small local producers improve quality and bring more value to one of the most remarkable coffee-growing regions in the world. Our first visit to the Agaro project happened back in 2012, when FGC coffee buyer, Philip Anacker, made the long trek to Jimma to see first-hand what all the excitement was about. Western Ethiopia is coffee’s true birthplace – it’s the epicenter. Native soils still nurture wild “forest coffee” growing naturally in the shade of the mountain canopy. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, especially for the coffee curious. The Agaro project created a pathway for the small farmers in this region to harness this coffee wonderland’s enormous potential and finally get paid fairly for the quality they produced. The small and efficient mills that were set up throughout the region revealed the extraordinary flavor profiles that exist in these diverse coffee species, many of which remain unidentified. FGC has brought in lots from most of the Agaro mills: Yukro, Duromina, Kolla Bocha, and Nano Challa, to name a few.  This newest mill, Nano Genji, is another example of Agaro’s well-earned reputation as one of the greatest coffee-growing regions in the world.

Tasting Notes:

Peach | Candied Ginger | Champagne

Washing Station

Nano Genji


Small holder farmers from the Kata Muduga Union


Agaro Gera in the Jimma Zone


Mixed Ethiopian Landraces


1900 – 2200 MASL


Mechanically washed and soaked for 12 hours


10 – 12 days on covered raised beds

Producer Partnership

Since 2012

Certified Organic

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Ethiopia Nano Genji

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The Yukro Multipurpose Farmer’s Cooperative is located in Gera Woreda, Jimma Ethiopia, and is comprised of over 400 coffee producers. Over the last several years, improvements in processing and increased access to the market have allowed what was a previously unknown potential to be fulfilled and expressed in this delicious cup. The location of Yukro, to the west of the famous Yirgacheffe origin, places it near the birthplace of coffee and we believe that this contributes to its intense aromatic elements and dynamic acid articulation. This coffee is adventurous yet refined, complex, yet accessible, and has a brilliant acidity that surrounds a core of sweet, long-lasting flavors.

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