Westside Blend

Tasting Notes:
Berry Cobbler | Cocoa | Toffee


Introducing Westside, FGC’s newest addition to our organic blend

Full-bodied and chocolatey, with distinct berry fruit notes
throughout, Westside is a crowd pleaser that charms whether
brewed as filter or espresso. Carefully selected natural process
coffees from our producer partners in East Africa are seasonally
blended with standout washed coffees from Central and South
America. Already an FGC staff favorite!

Our recommendation for filter coffee (Kalita or V60) is a 1:16 ratio
with a medium grind.
As espresso we recommend 19 grams in, 30 grams out, in 28


Seasonally varied, including
Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia and

Seasonally varied, including
Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo,
Colombia, and Typica

1200 to 1900 Meters

Washed and Natural (sundried)
Certified Organic

Westside Blend

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The Optimist Blend is designed to showcase coffees from producers who are as devoted to sustainable farming as they are to producing quality. By now we should all know that we can’t continue to have one without the other. Most quality coffee is grown in beautiful and unique agroecosystems: high altitude cloud forests, volcanic soils, forest canopy shade and reliable rainfall all contribute to the production of quality coffee. These factors are also part of larger diverse ecosystems that are quite fragile and require extreme care and attention if we want to keep them healthy and vibrant. While all the farms FGC works with meet our high standards for sustainable farming, the coffees in the Optimist Blend are from producers who have gone above and beyond the established protocols and have pushed the envelope of sustainable coffee production. Ricardo Perez in Costa Rica, The Keller Family in Guatemala, Haile Gebre in Ethiopia are just a few of the names you’ll see here. The blend is seasonal — meaning we will work coffees that are available and freshly arrived. The coffees we use, therefore, will change quite often. Green buyer Phil Anacker works closely, however, to keep the blend profile consistent and tasty!

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